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Monday, November 26, 2012



I've been learning about Feel - For the horses of course but this is another of those universal conversations.

Having some Feel keeps us from getting into a fight. I'm talking about horses again, but I suppose it applies to humans as well!

Having some Feel keeps us in the present moment interacting with what is and allowing what will be. Saying Yes and yes and yes.

Having some feel allows us to dance, play, run, sing, ride, fly! And we all have it. But;
WHAT does it take to develop our feel into peace, art and harmony?

This is where freedom comes into the equation. You need to be free; in your mind and your heart to experiment and express yourself.  So you might say you need to be emotionally free; available to laugh; look silly; move; fail!

Find some kids to hang out with. Before they begin to worry about who is watching or what they look like, they are free to be, it's not courage like when you have a bunch of concerns and you let them go, it's truely  natural! That's why horses love kids. They are fascinated by them, like us, we are fascinated by their world of discovery and wonder in even the smallest of things, the every day most common things are flat out fun.
Go watch this video

Did you watch it?  Are you still laughing? It was so great, that boy has feel, he was fully in the present moment interacting with what is and allowing what will be, saying yes, yes, YES.  He knows he had fun even taking a bow and blowing kisses!

We'll talk more later - go watch it again!