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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stall rest ~

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At five weeks into what could be six months of stall rest, I must say I’m proud as ever of my young Sterling Archer. He does have an incredibly regal name Valiente Silver CrossWind, Sterling is his barn name and Archer came because he’s quite a character often downright comical!  He is incredibly interested in people, curious, connected, loving and friendly.

This is Sterling shortly after I gave him one of Uncle Jimmie's Hanging Balls (no kidding that’s what it’s called). It is a ball full of seeds; coated with honey.

This was Sterling yesterday having an Energy Healing Session with Ginger Krantz.  His energy has been quite high lately, ever since I spent all of last week at Mid Atlantic Equine Medical Center with Hearty.  This photo was taken after we spent about ½ hour with him upright, then we left him be and went to work on Hearty.  She choked on a hay cube last Saturday.

It was soaked, but obviously not enough.  Sterling laid down and let us continue to work on his healing foot and his active mind. My friend and budding Equine Massage therapist Lisa Sitko made this card for me for it was on my birthday that Hearty’s choke finally was cleared and her life saved by the brave Veterinarians at Mid Atlantic Equine Medical Center. She is eating hay soup until her esophagus heals, so she is keeping Sterling company in the barn and getting hand walked several times per day.

But this day is one dedicated to hoof care.  We are waiting for Esco Buff to come from Rochester NY to reset Sterling’s magic shoe. 
It is designed to hold his foot absolutely still.  After it is on, the whole wall gets an epoxy materiel that attaches that rim to the hoof wall.  It’s not moving.

Here’s why

This is a radiograph of his right hind foot.  Horsin’ around no doubt that vertical crack was found in his coffin bone which is the big bone inside the hoof.  You cannot see this on the outside.
So this is what we do now. And we look for ways to enrich his time in this lovely airy box stall.  And just when I get feeling down about spending so much time in a stall, my friend says “it’s so great that you have stalls!”

Ahhh to not have to know the gap. 


  1. It is so interesting as I look back on this blog post. It was only a few short months ago, but seems like a lifetime! Sterling is sound, happy free and this whole incident seems like a distant memory!

  2. No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.

    What a beautiful haven you have to rest upon...


    1. Kimberly Taylor,
      Thank you for the kind words. The wonder in each day is not lost on me, I am grateful!


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