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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sterling Archer got his name~

It was the last day of our time together and we had a plan for "healthy celebrations and endings".  The girls were sad that it was their last day and my co-facilitator and I felt that too.  One of the things we did was choose a card from "The way of the Horse" and one of the girls read it.  We began outside, but had to move inside because of the shorter daylight in October. When we went inside, the girls saw our new colt in "Sorrel's" stall.  It had been his stall for  all of his 20 years at our farm and his name plate was right there. Which brought up the topic of this new little boy's name.

In the summer and fall of 2010 In the Company of Horses had a group of girls from two group homes come to learn by way of the horse, things like; how to get along with others, how to ask permission and be grateful, they learned about positive body image and enjoyed the freedom to dance with horses uninhibited.  They learned about themselves and universal truths outside of themselves. And along the way they experienced the death of my first horse and the addition of our new colt.

As one of the girls went on reading aloud from the book, another laid across the stall door snuggling with our P.R.E ( Pura Razza Espanola)  colt.  It was quite comforting for everyone as I'm sure they fell asleep together.  When they awoke, some 20 minutes later; the troubled and youthful sixteen year old girl proclaimed, " I know his name".  Curiously, I asked "What is it?" She said "His name is Sterling because just like when you get your ears pierced you get sterling silver posts, because you will never get an infection and he'll never do you wrong."
Well that sounded right to me!

This little horse seems to be wise beyond his years (ha! months).  He knows things, like how this sixteen year old girl who stood 6 feet 6 inches tall needed to cuddle with him on her last day at the farm, he did not judge her because of her family situation or the way she looked or talked. I'm sure he enjoyed what she offered to him as well, unconditional acceptance, a warm and undemanding welcome to his new home.  He doesn't mind being alone and he also likes to be together. He does have a Sterling character and his color is dark gray for now.

His papered name is Valiente Silver Cross Wind.  He came with the nickname "Bogie" which is fitting because of his confidence and air of maturity, named after the actor Humphrey Bogart; suave, debonair. Sterling Archer was a natural progression coming from my Son who knew right away he needed the rest of his name from a comic character Sterling Archer.  He has a gleaming smile and will also "Never do you wrong".

This is Sterling in his stall; He can just fit over the door! 

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  1. The evolution of Sterling Archer's name is such an example of the connectedness of our experiences and relationships. It suits him in so many ways not the least of which is that it exemplifies a quality of bridging humans and horses that he seems to project. He is true to himself and others; has the magical, playful qualities of a fantastic comic character; and, a projected beyond his chronological age. I know too that he is most fortunate to be in the company of Mary Ann and the herd she has created. It will be exciting to see him evolve.


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