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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Universal truths.......... timeless, without boundaries.

Here in NJ, I felt the spring come in a few days ago, maybe as much as a week or so. If you follow this blog, you will surely notice its new look!  I love winter and snow, so I'm satisfied now. I think that is why I love spring so much and when it comes, the changes are everywhere.  I think that rain we had the other day was telling. Then the peacocks, their feathers are long and gorgeous.  They loose their tails in the fall and spend all winter growing them back, they are like a calendar dancing around the yard. They start to fuss at the feed bowls in a new way.  In the winter, they are just happy to eat, in the spring, they dominate the bowls  arguing with the rooster, and even the hens want to tussle with each other.  Feeding time is quite a lively time that takes on a whole new life in the spring just like everything else.

 Sterling, my lovely Andalusian boy is growing and changing every day.  He owns his seat at the table if you know what I mean, which for a 9 month old, I'm impressed by!  He is kind in every way, smart and thoughtful, and happily I have not seen signs that he is "interested" in the girls. I find great joy in watching the horses interact and I learn much about leadership and living together, waiting with patience. As Sterling makes his way into the hearts and minds of  his band of mares, I'm drawn to thinking about the rhythm of life and the universal truths all around us.

Feel; timing; balance.

  • Music - Listening to the quality of the spaces between the notes or playing the long note..........
  • Painting something - A portait or a barn; Painting it thick, thin, one coat or many, combine colors? Brush, roller, feather or rag; maybe a sponge or a leaf, maybe fingers. 
  • Making  love - I remember hearing an interview with Carlos Santana where he explained to all the ladies in love with him that "I cannot do to you what my guitar does to you", soft or firm, slow or faster, the first time;  the last time. But we look for that, that universal truth of feel. We all innately know it when it's right. 
  • Driving a sports car - or a big rig, feeling the flow of the road, traffic, the engine when it's asking to shift, be the grace of a pick up as you down shift before the curve and apply just the right amount of gas to stay in the curve, a well oiled machine.
  • Building something - With integrity, that works, that looks good, that lasts, smell the wood, sand it smooth, feel the engine purr when it starts for the very first time. 
  • Baking something - Choosing the perfect ingredients; organic grown to perfection added at the perfect time. Feel the batter, know when it's perfect, inhale deeply to know when it's done. Find the sweet spot! 
  • Practicing yoga  - Strong and slow, hold and let flow, the breath in and then out
  • Walk - Feel the Earth, placing your feet one after the other in rhythm, like a dance. Smell the land, the pavement, the leaves or the water, feel the wind on your skin, drinking it in.......
  • Swimming - immersed completely, breathe through your mask at 30 ft., snorkel just under the surface, backstroke on top of the water with ease and timing, rhythm and relaxation.  Feel the water cradle you. Catch a wave and stay on top; or ride in the middle or just dive underneath. 
  • Stargaze  as the moon rises and flows across the sky, then disappears  into morning when all the flowers open up to gather the sunshine. Sense the changes when they come, feel the winter, smell the spring, languish in the long days of summer, rejoice in the blaze of autumn colors. 
  • Ski with the mountain.
  • Dance by yourself to the music in you; Dance to natures music all around you; Dance with someone else; be willing and brave enough to lead and be led. Feel the rhythm find the sweet spot. 
  • Ride a horse: let go and ride forward and back; up down, over under, through...........

    Add yours......


  1. let your breath carry a whisper into a loved one's ear or have your face gently catch the breath of a horse who loves and trusts you enough to lay his chin on your shoulder, just a hint of wind, and the smell of another living being, a rhythm and feel of living life well

  2. whisper in a loved one's ear letting your breath carry your love or be lucky enough to have a horse trust you enough to lay his head on your shoulder and feel him breathe, the faint breeze and warm smell of a living being, both signs of living well


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